AMWI 16th Board Of Trustee

Association of Medical Women in India (Mumbai Branch)

The first President was Dr. Annette Benson a British lady Doctor who was also the Superintendent of the Cama Hospital. The first five Presidents wer e all British Doctors. In 1937, the first Indian Lady Doctor to Become President was Dr. Dossibai Dadabhoy.

The first few women doctors were brave, dynamic ladies whose life stories are a source of inspiration. They ventured into a field which did not welcome them. Their colleagues were all hostile.

They fought social customs to pursue their careers and made personal sacrifices to practice medicine.


Path is made by walking. These brave ladies made a path on which the next generation could travel easily. In the 20th century this path became a road and in the 21st century it may become a highway. Almost 60% of students in Medical colleges are women currently. There is almost no gender discrimination and yet only 20% of professional posts are held by women.

The AMWI believes in encouraging women doctors to do their best. It has undertaken the issue of Women's Health in India. Improving Women's Health is not just a problem but a challenge as it is closely linked to women's Empowerment social positions. AMWI Members believe in their Motto which is "Duty Devotion". This applies to both their professional and family lives.

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Amongst the many activities the most important are

  • Kolkata Branch runs a hospital called "Mission Hospital"
  • Mumbai Branch has been conducting a Cancer Detection Centre at Cama Hospital since 1970.
  • Golden Jubilee Research Award is given every year to encourage Research.
  • Many orations and awards are instituted to encourage academic activities.
  • A scientific Journal is published annually, Newsletters are circulated regularly
  • Conferences Seminars are arranged on a regular basis.